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let me parse or I'll fucking join Encore
I'm a meter whore :(
Word on the street is we are 10/10 Heroic.
Word on the street is we're 3/3 mythic!
Hey who is on here, lets get some activity on this page

<Syzygy> is 7/7 Mythic!

Liji a posted Nov 3, 16

First Mythic Xavius Kill

What a pretty way to end an instance. Fitting with the one-shot pull :)

Too bad we forget to take pictures. We still love you, Ursoc. <3

Welcome to Syzygy!

LeBlanc posted Jul 10, 16

Syzygy is a new guild formed from a regular mythic PUG that ended up running 3 clears a week. We are a large variety of players who have come together to be one of the best pve-oriented World of Warcraft guilds.

We are constantly recruiting like-minded, talented individuals for a challenging and fun progression and hope you join us today! Our goal is to create a community in which everyone seeks to improve every day, and where we enjoy helping each other do that. Our schedule is 6~9 pm PST, from Monday to Thursday. You can catch us in action at on any of these days.
Recruitment is open for all classes right now, please do not be discouraged and apply right away! The edge we might need could be you. ‘Well how do I know Syzygy is the right fit got me?”  If you are respectful to others, willing to learn,  dedicated, responsible, able to keep up minimum 90% attendance, can take constructive criticism and stay positive, then this is exactly the place for you.

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World of Warcraft
Recruitment Needs
Frost Death Knight
Unholy Death Knight
D. Knight
Havoc Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter
Balance Druid
Feral Druid
Restoration Druid
Beast Mastery Hunter
Marksmanship Hunter
Survival Hunter
Arcane Mage
Fire Mage
Frost Mage
Holy Paladin
Retribution Paladin
Discipline Priest
Holy Priest
Shadow Priest
Assassination Rogue
Subtlety Rogue
Elemental Shaman
Enhancement Shaman
Restoration Shaman
Affliction Warlock
Demonology Warlock
Destruction Warlock
Arms Warrior
Fury Warrior
Realm Rank 7
Region Rank 92
World Rank 324